Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review: Eternity's Embrace by Ursula Istrati

From Amazon: This steamy 20,000+ word vampire book brings together three parts of the Eternity's Embrace series, with the following short stories: Discovered, Stolen, and Reclaimed.

Review: I won’t deny that I read the Twilight series. I won’t deny that I enjoyed the Twilight series, for what it was at least. I also won’t deny that I wanted more out of that series. Something that actually made me believe that Edward and Bella were that in love. I never got why he loved her, or vice versa. As much as I enjoyed it when I read it, it did put my off vampire romance books.

That said, I loved Eternity’s Embrace. It’s my first vampire book in a long time and am I very glad I gave it a chance. Ursula Istrati has crafted a sexy, seductive tale of a vampire and his star-crossed lover. The best part? It’s believable! I can see why these two love each other, why they long for each other. And the sex? H-O-T! Beautifully descriptive, passionate, and damn sexy.

Originally the books in this completed novella, Discovered, Stolen, and Reclaimed, were put out as individuals and each make for an enjoyable read on their own. Eternity’s Embrace makes for a sexy, seductive tale and I couldn’t put it down. Wonderfully written and highly recommended!
Rating: *****/*****

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