Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Release Day

Hey all, sorry for the long, long, long delay between blogs! I don't mean to stay away, but when I'm writing not much else gets done. There is good news in all this though, The Masquerade Affair Volume Three is finally available for sale and not just on Amazon, but on Smashwords too!


Henrietta has not lived the life she’d dreamed. With coin in hand she looks to flee London and her miserable life, but an invitation to her duke’s palace stays her hand. She has no way of knowing what Lord Osmond’s home may hold, but her desires and her passion force her to say yes. As she steps into his world she will find out what happens when she becomes A Duke’s Lady.

The third instalment in THE MASQUERADE AFFAIR brings Henrietta deeper into the duke’s life with no chance of going back.

A Duke’s Lady is a 6500+ word historical erotic short that features bondage and heavy sexual content. 

You can get A Duke's Lady on:

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