Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Writer's Block and How I'm Getting Through It

I've been away from my computer for much too long the past few weeks. I've been busy with my 9-5 (which kind of became a 9-8 6 days a week thing for a bit), but things have settled down for the time being and I finally got some time to write again!

And I didn't. No editing got done, no new ideas jotted down, heck, no new ideas at all. A weird resignation to complete laziness struck me and I admit I wallowed in it. Even when some of my online readers reached out to me and gave me some wonderful words of encouragement, nothing happened. There was nothing in my heart that pushed me to continue. I ignored my twitter, this blog, my email, everything.

Thankfully, yesterday I finally seemed to get myself back into gear, even just a little bit. I applied the edits I'd done on two more chapters of Awake My Soul and now it's half way done. I know I could be done done if I hadn't have taken the 'break', but maybe it was necessary.

So, how did I get through my writer's block? Or at least, how am I getting through it? 

The first thing was those kind words really did start to add up and encouraged me enough to start at least thinking about doing work again. I really feel like I'm letting people down by not continuing, and letting myself down too.

Second thing is necessity. I wont lie, I would eventually like to make some extra money with writing. Why not do what I love and make a living from it? Any author who denies this desire is probably a liar. I don't make enough money from that 9-5 alone to do what I want in life, if I can be moderately successful as an indie writer, it could change my life.

Third was that I saw my husband working hard on projects he enjoys doing too. He's a great artist and wants to do a some t-shirt designs and I've been pushing him to actually work on it and realized how much of a hypocrite I was being.

Fourth, and probably most importantly, was I started reading again. The last few months any time I had to read was spent reading my own work and editing, or writing something new. I haven't picked up a novel on my ereader or in actual paper format since early spring. Reading something new helped me remember how much I not only love reading, but writing.

So... I'm back!