Friday, February 7, 2014

Review: My Best Friend's Son by Tabitha Austin

From Amazon: What's an older gay cowboy to do when the younger grown-up son of a lifetime friend shows up on his farm looking less like the skinny kid from his memories but rather a hot and muscular young man with his own homosexual tendencies?

Sure he's legal but there's no way he can partake of the forbidden desires no matter how much he wants it, can he? Even if he does, there's a town full of people who don't take kindly to gay folk.

Should he take the risk and see where the forbidden road leads him?

This 9,900+ word story contains detailed description of gay sex and is intended for adult readers only.

Note: This is from the same universe as Riding the Ranch hand. If you want to know Jim Miller's story of temptation and turmoil, read on.

Review: Gay cowboys, one of my favorite taboos. Tabitha Austin’s My Best Friend’s Son is a great mix of reluctant romance and hot sex. This 10,000 word short was just what I was looking for when I decided to scratch my itch for some m/m erotica.

The story starts out with a really good dose of backstory. Jim’s backstory is alluded to, hinted at, and teased quite well by the author and gives us, the reader, just enough information to know why the older cowboy has spent his years alone on a farm. With Todd comes to work for him the sparks fly instantly. Jim and Todd (the best gay cowboy names ever!) hit it off, but Jim is fearful of scaring the younger cowboy off. Thankfully, he’s just as interested in his new boss.

My Best Friend’s Son was a really nice mix of romantic tension and steamy sex. It wasn’t simply guy meets guy and they do it. The buildup made the eventual sex so much hotter. Tabitha makes the reader want it just as much as Jim and the payoff is so worth it. Well written and hot, this one gets a big recommendation from me!

Rating: *****/*****

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