Sunday, December 15, 2013

Review: A Passing Grade by John Dylena

From Amazon: Tyler was on the home stretch. He only had one semester left of college and he had a career waiting for him. All he needed was that degree. But he was about to lose everything.
On the verge of failing the one and only class he needed to graduate, he begged his teacher, the older and attractive Ms. Abby Kilia for a chance to fix his grade. He told her he'd do anything, and she took him up on the offer.
The Saturday morning study session turned into detention, and Tyler became Tiffany, the slutty schoolgirl who needed to be punished.

[mf, crossdressing, femdom, forced feminization, pegging]

John Dylena’s A Passing Grade is a fun forced fem erotica short that is just over 7,000 words long. The story features Tyler, a student who needs to pass his psychology class in order to finish his degree. His only problem is that he’s flunking the course. In a moment of weakness he promises the professor, the smoking hot Ms. Kilia he’ll do anything. To Ms. Kilia, anything means dressing him up like a slutty school girl named Tiffany and having a bit of fun with the poor boy who likes it all too much.

The author does a great job of setting up how desperate poor Tyler is to pass. He’s a fairly shy young man with a touch of natural femininity that makes his foray into crossdressing pretty successful. Ms. Kilia is a seasoned pro in getting what she wants out of men and guides Tyler into her world quite forcefully, but it’s all in great fun for the reader.

The story is hot, but not heart pounding, hair pulling hot. Dylena’s writing is grammatically perfect and quite polished, but there is a bit lost in the technical way the story is written. The detail is there but the thing that keeps this story from being a 5 star book is a lack of heat when it comes to the five senses. A little more flavour and a little less technical and this story would definitely been a lot hotter.

My Rating: ****\*****

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