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Review: Yulene and the Wolf: A Yuletide Legend by Nora Nix

From Amazon: Yulene has grown up on the tales of Ragnarok, the great clash of the gods that will destroy the mortal world. Every ten years, a young girl must be given as a sacrifice on the eve of the solstice; a gift meant to placate the ravenous Fenrir, a beast destined to kill Odin as part of the apocalyptic prophecy. Yulene must face the wolf this year, but when she does, she finds that there is another hunger that lurks within him. Can she satisfy his dark appetites? And will he let her live if she does?

[mf, werewolves, supernatural, virgin]

Just in time for Christmas is Yulene and the Wolf: A Yuletide Legend from erotica writer Nora Nix. This is a short of just under 6000 words, but it packs a really good punch. The story is set in old Scandinavia where people worshipped Odin and the gods of Asgard. They worship him so much that one village sacrifices a virgin at the winter solstice just to try to keep Odin safe from Fenrir, the wolf destined to eat Odin and destroy the world. 

That virgin is Yulene and when she is of age she is left in the wilds for Fenrir in hopes that he will eat her instead of Odin. Of course, he does eat her, but not in the way she expected. Lust and passion are what await poor Yulene, not death and dismemberment. They share a sexy encounter that is passionate and exciting, but a little bit brief.

Nora Nix’s writing is beautiful. She commands the language and matches her prose perfectly to the setting. It’s a scintillating read that’s only made better by such wonderful language. My only complaint is that I want more! There was a great build up, but the story ended rather quickly once it really got raring to go. The good news is that the book is to be continued, so I’ll definitely be watching for the sequel!

I’m definitely recommending Yulene and the Wolf. It’s a great holiday read, it’s sexy, and it’s a great pick for anyone who wanted to see a lot more sex in Thor!

My Rating: ****/*****

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