Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Updates on writing and news of a giveaway

I’m snowed in! Well, not completely, but there is a lot more snow outside than I would like. The good news is that I haven’t had any real desire to leave my house. If I’m stuck inside I might as well write. I thought about taking this week off, about relaxing and catching up on some Netflix. Nope, I just kept writing. I think I’m on the very last chapter of the first draft of Lay Me Bare! I’d love to get it done before I take a few days off at Christmas and then I can come back to it in January with fresh eyes to edit it and then it can be done and published in February.

I’m hoping to finish editing The Masquerade Affair Part Two this afternoon and then have it up on Amazon tomorrow. I’ll probably do a push to make the first one free for a day and update it to include a link to the second one. I’m hoping to release the third part in early January. All said and done I think the series will be six or seven books.

And of course I’m still working on reviews. Tomorrow I’ll be looking at a sexy short by Jamie Fuchs and even more exciting I’ll be doing a giveaway with Jamie! Not only will I be reviewing her latest work, but together we’re going to give away five copies. The contest will be on my and her twitter, so keep your eyes peeled and hopefully you’ll win.

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