Saturday, December 14, 2013

First Snow of the Year

As it says in my author blurb, I'm from Ontario. Usually we get some snow before now, but this year has been cold and very dry. That said, we almost always get a huge snow storm right about now and yup, today is the day. It's the perfect day to curl up with a hot beverage, a hot man, and enjoy keeping warm.

My wonderful husband took a three day weekend so we could finish his Christmas shopping before the storm hit and before the malls got too busy. Today we're going to finally put up our tree. That being said, having him home means a lack of productivity on my part. 

I did finish the second part of The Masquerade Affair! I need to edit it and get said husband to do the cover, but it should be published mid-next week. After that's done I'm going to focus on more holiday stuff than work. I do want to get some baking done, I need to do my wrapping, and honestly I think I need to relax. Of course, I write to relax so I think I'll write for fun and if I crank out anything that is more than just 'fun' before the end of the year then I may end up publishing it, we'll see.

Speaking of publishing, it's been a week since my kdp free period and I've yet to see any real benefit to it. I think the real test is when the sequel comes out. I may do a single free day on book one and two at the same time in the new year to renew interest.

In regards to publishing, I've been wondering how I should feel about my overall sales so far, just in general. Then this morning I read something Dean Weasley Smith, a publisher and author, said that a mid-road author, so not a failure and not E.L. James, but in between, should expect to sell five books a month per book. I don't want to divulge any actual numbers at the moment, but I'm selling a lot more than that. Not enough to live off of alone, but that figure did certainly help my perspective. What it means is that I need to get more books out there though! I really want to have Lay Me Bare out by February and then I can focus more of my attention on Betray My Heart (the sequel to Awake My Soul), plus do some more shorts.

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