Thursday, December 12, 2013

Possibly doing reviews on this blog

I wonder if it might be in my best interests to do some reviews on this blog. I'd love to help other indie romance authors get their work out there, plus I think it would be a great way to do some cross promotion.

On that note, I recently read an indie book I quite enjoyed entitled Bondage and Billionaires by Lola Diamond. I wrote a review on Smashwords and thought it might be worth sharing with you!

Heather is not a whore. She's a call girl or an escort, but never a whore. Heather is in love with Leo, but billionaire Robbie Steele stands between them. After a shared kiss, Heather and Leo's lust and love for each other begs to be fulfilled, and the two lovers will go to any length to be together. Follow them as they try to flee the country and fulfill their destiny together.

Billionaires and Bondage is a passionate novella that goes a whole new way with the Pretty Woman hooker with a heart of gold trope. It’s sexy, steamy, and romantic. The overall plot is really enjoyable, and I found myself racing through it to find out what happens next.
The only thing keeping it from scoring higher in my books is that I would have loved for the author to expand a little more. With added descriptions this could have been a full length novel, but at times I almost felt left out of what Heather was thinking or feeling. It’s still a really good read, just could have used a bit more to push it up to a 4 or 5 star review.
That's just a short review I posted on the Smashwords site for the book, but in the future I'd like to do full reviews. If you're an author who has a book/short you'd like reviewed on here, let me know!

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