Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Why you should shop at Smashwords

Since discovering the site in my own research to self-publish this year, Smashwords has personally become my own go-to site for buying ebooks. Of course you may wonder why.

To my knowledge, most if not all of Smashwords is self-published work. This is a huge plus for me as a fellow self-publisher. What this means is, to an extent, more freedom of choice. Their page layout might not be modern, fancy, or pretty, but what you get is a pretty easily searchable site with tons of content in just about any genre. Self-published work doesn't get buried under E.L. James and Stephanie Meyer, it's right there on top!

Personally I own a kobo for my ereading. The main reason I got a kobo was it's the number one brand in my area. It's owned by Indigo and is the most easily found ereader in this market. I liked the features, the backlight, and the size. All good things. What I'm not liking is the censorship on kobo at the moment. I haven't browsed their site in months because I don't like the variety it's limiting me to.

So I use Smashwords. Smashwords let's me download a book in any file format I chose, in my case ePub. After downloading the most helpful software called Calibre (get it here) I can easily put the file on my ereader and I'm ready to go.

Something else I love is how Smashwords gives a much higher royalty rate to authors than other platforms. I know, I know, of course I love getting more money. What I also like is making sure most of the money I spend on my books is going to the authors who wrote them in the first place!

Right now Awake My Soul is in the top 10 of the Bestsellers list for Historical Romance and I'm really proud of that fact. It's certainly a site worth checking out if you're a fan of indie romances!

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