Thursday, December 5, 2013

24 Hours of Kindle Freebie

The Masquerade Affair Volume One: Welcome to the Black Room has been free on Amazon for just over 24 hours now and I can't deny that I'm pretty pleased with the results so far. In the first few hours I gave away around thirty books on Amazon and a few on the foreign sites. Pretty good.

Then I started advertising. I took to reddit, twitter, stumbledupon, and tumblr to advertise that the book was free until December 6th. I tried not to go overboard on twitter because I hate being sold to on twitter, so why would I expect anyone else to like it? Instead I did one sales post and then just posted my thoughts on how excited I was to see people buying my free ebook.

During the day I kept an eye on my sales. When I cracked the top 10,000 of the free ebooks on kindle I got really excited. Then Amazon started showing how far I was in subgenres. Then I saw I cracked the top 100 in erotica. Then the top 75. Before my husband left for work he checked too and texted me a picture that I had cracked the top 50. When I got to the computer (about an hour ago) I was at number 17 on the free erotica chart. That's the FRONT PAGE of erotica.

Not only that, but I've cracked the top 100 of genre fiction and the top 1000 of free ebooks overall. Without advertising over the last 12 hours those numbers are huge.

Now what has it done for sales? Yesterday I sold twice as many copies of Awake My Soul as I had the rest of the month. Not huge numbers, but a nice boost. Does this have anything to do with Welcome to the Black Room being free? I have no way of knowing. I have yet to receive a review on Welcome to the Black Room either, but I doubt most people who've downloaded it have had a chance to read it.

After the free period is over I plan to do a more in depth look at sales numbers and how things have been effected by my trial of KDP Select. Here's hoping it's worth it in the end!

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