Friday, December 6, 2013

Kindle Freebie is Almost Over

It's a Friday night and I am absolutely bagged! I've been staring at the computer all day and yet I'm forcing one more blog post for this week. I'm hoping to publish another short next week so I did some editing on that, followed by finishing up a chapter of Lay Me Bare, plus I finished an article I was working on for a freelance gig I have.

My eyes... they BURN. As much as I know I should keep writing over the weekend, I might take a break away from the computer. Heck, even my phone. Not that I don't have other things to do. This weekend marks my first Christmas party of the year and that means I better do some baking. I already made some chocolate biscotti and tomorrow my husband and I are making fresh cheddar bay biscuits!

For next week, as I said I'm hoping to publish another short. This one is a contemporary erotica featuring a hot cop and a damsel in distress, yum yum! I haven't settled on a title, but I might try the kindle exclusive again, or I might put it up on smashwords as well. It's a tough call!

Next week I also plan on doing an update about how the free period on Welcome to the Black Room did and if it affected sales at all.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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