Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review - The Anniversary by Amelia Moore

From Amazon: Every year on our anniversary my husband, Liam, does something extra special to show how much he cares about me, and it’s always something naughty. After six years of raising the bar I can’t wait to find out what he has planned for our seventh anniversary. He knows all about my fantasy to share him with another woman, but he’s already turned down the perfect opportunity once. Maybe someday he’ll be ready for the adventure. Maybe tonight’s the night. Anything can happen.

“The Anniversary” is an interactive e-book. At key moments in the story you will be able to choose what the characters do next. Take control and decide how you want the adventure to unfold.

When I was a child many of my favorite books were Choose Your Own Adventure stories. I loved having options and deciding how I wanted the story to go. It was a fun way to read a book that got me reading as a kid. As an adult I went into reading The Anniversary with some caution. Not that I didn’t like the premise, but Choose Your Own Adventure does have a stigma of being childish attached to it.

That said, The Anniversary is anything but childish. The story is romantic yet still packs a lot of sexiness in the story. I read through choosing one path the first time, then the other the second to get the full story. I think it says a lot about me that my first choices were all the more voyeur options! Any way you read it the story is HOT, but never loses the romantic aspect that really makes the story special.

The Anniversary was a great read and you get a few reads out of it which makes it a steal at $2.99. My only issue is a couple of grammar notes, but it’s nothing that takes away from the story and comes down to personal preference. I’d recommend this short to anyone who loves romantic erotica, threesomes, and wants something unique to read. Overall an excellent short.

My Rating: *****/*****

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