Sunday, December 1, 2013

First Month's Sales

Well, to be honest it's not a full month's report. Awake My Soul was on sale for eleven of the thirty days of November, but I'm pretty proud of how well my first book sold during its first month. Without stating actual numbers, I did sell between Amazon Smashwords almost 100 copies. That might seem low, but over eleven days for a self published novel, I'm pretty proud.

Though now is not the time for me to sit back and wait and see. I've been fairly productive this week, but I could have definitely done better! My husband has been off and we've been enjoying time together. That said, I did get a short finished.

This week I will be publishing Welcome to the Black Room, #1 in a series I'll be calling The Masquerade Affair. It's a historical erotic short with some light BDSM and F/F elements, though it's mostly M/F. After the cut is a preview of what I'm working with for the cover!

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