Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Erotica Shorts

Recently I've become fairly active in a reddit community called r/smutwriters. Essentially it's a community of people like myself, people who write erotic romance fiction. It's a private group; if you're a writer and interested in joining you need to be invited.

That said, one of the things I've taken from this group is the value of short stories. I've written shorts for years, but never realized they had a home outside of anthologies. Chalk it up to my own ignorance. Thankfully my time conversing with other writers has helped me see that there is certainly an audience for shorts, and they get a second life upon bundling.

Next week I'm hopefully going to be publishing a short I've been toying with for a while, and the way it shaped up I'm hoping to do a sequel at some point as well. It's an idea I've played with for some time, and it incorporates much of the same themes as Awake My Soul, essentially bdsm, erotica, and an historic setting, although this one is more Renaissance than Medieval. I'm inclined to title it something like 'Welcome to the Black Room' and make it part of a series I'm thinking of calling 'The Masquerade Affair'. Hopefully that gives you an idea of the setting.

With this short I'll be trying out the KDP Select option, which means that this short will be free, for a time, on Amazon. As it's a short I'll be pricing it at $0.99 as well. It's about 7000 words long, and I hope you, my readers, enjoy it!

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