Monday, February 10, 2014

Review: Through the Eyepiece by Charlotte J Forrest

From Amazon: Hide and seek's no fun if you're not going to be stripped and punished with a good breast caning when you're caught.

Cristina and boyfriend Gavin move into their new home with a big secluded garden for kinky games. The only thing that can hold Cristina back is the telescope overlooking the property and she's going to have to stop it the only way she knows how, by letting out her mischievous submissive side on the local councillors.

Can Cristina persuade the awful Mr Woodsman to help? And can she hold together a relationship whilst making 'special' friends with the neighbours?

Contains Outdoor Sex, Blowjob, Bondage, caning, breast caning, facial, humiliation, submissive. 

My Review: Cristina is a sexy young woman who’s moved to the UK to live with her British boyfriend, Gavin. The two have a seriously kinky love for screwing outside and have bought a house in the English countryside for that purpose. Unfortunately, one of their neighbours is a perv with a telescope and Cristina wants her freedom. She’s willing to do anything to get her privacy. Anything.

This book comes packed with three hot sex scenes, each one a little different. The first two were fun and a little unexpected, but for me the final scene was the hottest. I love books where the sex is that unexpected and that, well, I do enjoy some dominance/submission play! Cristina has eyes for not just her boyfriend, the girl is seriously kinky!

There is a lot of British speak in this book and despite my own background a few times I went ‘wait, what?’ The slang might be a little heavy, but the story doesn’t get lost in it. Overall it’s fun, kinky, and an enjoyable read. A great start for people who are into voyeurism! 

My Rating: ****/*****

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