Saturday, November 2, 2013


Today is the first day since I officially became 'unemployed' that I haven't done any work on my writing. Not because of laziness, slacking, or anything of that matter. No, simply because we're getting ready for our Halloween party! Yes, I'm aware it's a couple days late, but it was the only day that worked.

But the real news is I'm almost done what I hope is my second or third last go through of Awake My Soul before I put it up for sale. Free time today has been spent looking into Amazon's new KDP Select incentive and I'm curious if I should try it.

For those (probably most) of you who haven't heard of this addition, what the new incentive lets you do is create sale days for you book. So say your book is $4.99, for 24 hours it would be $1.99, the next 24 hours would be $2.99, and so on until it's back to its normal price. Whether this incentive will actually add to sales is still largely untested, and I hope to see feedback soon from authors who have used it.

Tomorrow I hope to get lots more editing done. Hopefully soon Awake My Soul is done and dusted and ready for sale!

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