Monday, August 12, 2013

Finally sent to an editor!

Big day for me folks, I've finally sent my manuscript off to be edited. I've sent it to Coraline Denhart ( out of California to go over and fine tune the more minute details. I know I'm behind schedule, but I do truly hope I can have my book ready to publish by early fall at the latest.

Now that Awake My Soul has been sent off to an editor I hope to get a bit more time to work on my other projects that are on the go. I really, really hope to get time to finish Lay Me Bare within the next few months. Editing has taken a lot of time and has, to be honest, zapped my energy while I was working on it. I should have expected it to happen, I was warned that editing is the hardest part of the whole process, but I thought I could power through.

Boy was I was wrong! Editing took four months and each time it was a struggle to sit down in front of the computer and get to work. Every time I went to write for another project of mine I felt guilty I wasn't editing Awake My Soul and gave up on both and went and watched TV.

Now that it's off to the editor I have to wait and see from here. I'm very, very excited and proud of myself I've gotten this far. I've doubted myself a lot and it seems every time I was ready to give up I received feedback or messages from people pushing me to keep going. Well, it worked and I'm done (for now)!

I am still waiting on the cover, I've asked a friend to make it and right as I asked he got a new job and has been very, very busy so once I get my manuscript back from editing I'm going to push him to get something done for me. 

Then once that's in and my final edit is complete, yes I'll finally be publishing it as an e-book! Way, way behind schedule, I know. But I am working hard and trying my best to get this done. Who knows, it might be out sooner than you think!

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