Thursday, April 18, 2013

A New Start

If you're reading this you probably discovered me through Fiction Press. I currently wrapped up posting a very, very rough draft of my first novel on that site and the feedback I received has been wonderful and very encouraging.

Finishing up my first full length novel, the first draft at least, has been a really overwhelming. I've never finished a story so long before, and it took a lot of early mornings and late nights to get there. I started working on my first novel in August of 2012 and just finished the first draft this week (April 2013).

I was posting this book, a historical romance, under the tentative title Awake My Soul chapter by chapter, As time went on I really feel that this title doesn't fit where the story went. Right now my biggest hurdle is deciding what I will call my book, and of course the all mighty edit.

I hope that I can have the first edit done by the end of April and then pass it off to a friend who works as an editor for a real professional go over. Once I do that and get a cover designed, it'll be off to the world of e-publishing.

Yes, I am planning to self-publish and I whole heartily believe that self publishing with e-publishing is the best way for me to go with this. I'll be posting my progress here and hopefully my book will be available by early summer!

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